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Melt Away Unwanted Chin Fat with Kybella

Published on May 15, 2017

The appearance of certain areas of our body can be easily disturbed by even a small amount of excess fat. The chin is one of those areas, because even a small amount of fat can give it a bulbous appearance

How Aging Affects the Appearance of Our Hands

Published on April 28, 2017
Beautifull woman hand. Fingernail.

The appearance of every part of our body is altered over time. Aging produces a number of changes in our bodies, and in some places, the effects that aging can have can be a major aesthetic detriment. Our hands are

The Universal Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Published on April 14, 2017
Young pretty woman receiving face massage

Our goal at Xage Medical Spa is to provide our patients with the customized care and treatments they need to feel and look wonderful. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment that can provide every person with the personalized wellness and aesthetic

Get Into the Habit of Applying Sunscreen Daily

Published on March 24, 2017

The summer season is almost here, and with it comes long days by the pool and a lot of bottles of sun screen. While it is important to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun when you’re

The Effects of Repeated Facial Muscle Use

Published on March 10, 2017

We use our facial muscles on a daily basis. Most of the time, we are not aware of how much work these muscles do, because we don’t think of smiling, yawning, or frowning as physically strenuous activities. However, repeated facial

A Look at Levulan Therapy

Published on March 2, 2016

If you’re interested in adult acne or acne scar treatment near Orem, you should consider visiting a medical spa for Levulan therapy. Levulan therapy is a form of photodynamic therapy that combines a photosensitizing solution called Levulan Kerastick with a

Keep Your Skin Looking Younger

Published on February 24, 2016

Does your skin look and feel older than it did in your younger days? Your local med spa can recommend a variety of methods of skin care in Orem that will rejuvenate and refresh your skin. From injectables like Botox,

The Essentials of Daily Skin Care

Published on February 17, 2016

Your local medical spa in Orem can provide a variety of safe and effective skin care treatments that can treat acne, acne scars, and make your skin look years younger. In order to protect your skin from further damage, it’s

Busting Myths About Acne

Published on February 3, 2016

If you suffer from acne or acne scars in Orem, you may feel understandably frustrated—and willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of your acne for good. But it is important to understand that much of the talk

The Importance of Facial Cleansing for Men

Published on January 27, 2016

As any medical spa in Orem will happily tell you, skin care is equally important for men and women. In fact, med spas have seen an upswing in their male client base as men become more attuned to the importance