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Do’s and Don’ts of Chemical Peels

Published on July 28, 2015

While chemical peels can be very effective in restoring your skin to a fresh, youthful appearance, there are side effects and dangers associated with the treatment. Medium chemical peels and deep skin peels cause first and second degree skin burns

A Look at ReFirme Skin Treatment

Published on July 21, 2015

ReFirme is a laser skin treatment that helps stimulate the growth of collagen, helping to tighten skin. A licensed medical technician at a medical spa can perform ReFirme skin treatment safely and easily. If you’re interested in treating wrinkles in

Types of Chemical Peels

Published on July 14, 2015

Chemical peels are performed by licensed medical aestheticians, and can reduce the appearance of aging, diminish acne scars, and even out skin tone. A medical spa in Orem can offer you different levels of chemical peels, depending upon your skin

The Benefits of Chemical Peels

Published on July 7, 2015

Chemical peels are treatments offered by medical spas that can reduce the signs of aging and leave skin looking youthful and refreshed. There are three different types of chemical peels that a licensed medical aesthetician can offer: superficial peels, medium