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Treating Acne with Levulan

Published on January 13, 2016

Do you suffer from persistent, hard to treat acne in Orem? If you have battled acne, ​ ask your medical spa about Levulan. Levulan is a photosensitizing agent that is activated by the light. Levulan is used in conjunction with Blu-U treatment and is highly recommended for treating acne for any skin type and age. As an added benefit, Levulan also improves skin texture, pigmentation, and pore size. Keep reading to find out what to expect before, during, and after your acne treatment with Levulan.

Before Treatment

Before your acne treatment with Levulan, your medical spa provider will clean your skin of all makeup, moisturizers, and sunscreens. The med spa will then take photographs of all areas to be treated, so you can track your progress. To enhance the product’s absorption, a scrub or microdermabrasion is performed. Finally, you will sign a consent form indicating you have agreed to have the procedure.

During Treatment

During your treatment with Levulan and Blu-U, your med spa professional will first apply the Levulan to your skin. The Blu-U is a unique blue light that kills the acne-causing bacteria in your skin. After the Levulan solution sinks into your skin for 30 minutes to an hour, you will simply sit with your face close to the light for a short period of time. You may experience a mild tingling, prickling, or burning sensation as your acne lesions are treated.

After Treatment

After your medical spa Levulan treatment, any discomfort should completely dissipate. However, your skin will likely be slightly red and swollen for one to two days. Symptoms generally mimic those of a sunburn, as red and dry skin peels off to reveal fresh, clear skin. Many people plan their Levulan and Blu-U treatments to coincide with a long weekend or planned time off work. After one week, you can return to your normal skin care routine. Your med spa will suggest a mineral makeup to avoid irritation.