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Acne Treatment Provo

Corrective Skin Solutions for Patients in Provo & Orem

Acne causes skin inflammation that is visible as pimples or cysts. This condition is not only uncomfortable, it can affect the look of your skin as well. Today, there are many acne treatment options available to reduce the occurrence of breakouts and remove acne scars from the skin, regardless of when they were formed. Xage Medical Spa can help you eliminate your acne and acne scars at our medical spa in Provo.

Skin Clearing Treatment Options

Acne TreatmentsLevulan: Each client’s skin requirements will be considered individually to most effectively diminish any level of acne. Levulan treatment is the most encouraging procedure in treatment of acne.

  • Levulan (Aminolevulinic acid 20%) is a naturally occurring compound in small amounts in the body that is being used to treat sun damage and pre-cancerous lesions, sebaceous hyperplasia, acne rosacea, and improve skin texture and pore size. The Levulan formula is applied topically to the face 30-90 minutes prior to receiving an IPL treatment or Blue-U light that “activates” the Levulan product.
  • Blue light illumination produces singlet oxygen that destroys acne bacteria.
  • Levulan exfoliates the skin to unclog pores, and the most exciting mechanism is that the Levulan treatment shrinks the sebaceous glands in the skin. This is exciting because sebaceous glands are the root cause in the formation of acne so it has a long lasting outcome even on severe acne.
  • Levulan acne therapy can even work in patients who have tried prescription treatments.
  • Levulan is a very safe treatment with only a little down time. Not only does Levulan treat acne, sun damage, acne rosacea, and sebaceous hyperplasia but, additionally it improves wrinkles, pore size, skin texture, pigmentation, and potentially prevents the development of skin cancers (AK lesions) resulting in significant improvement of the skins surface texture. This treatment can be performed one to three times spaced 3-4 weeks apart depending on the client’s individual level of improvement.

Blu-U: Another successful option is Blu-U, a blue light, medication-free photodynamic treatment that is often used with Levulan, but that is effective by itself.

  • The Blu-U light is a very special blue light that is very safe, and effective. These treatments take 15 min. and the client can return to normal life immediately. It is recommended to have 2-3 per week for a month to get optimal results.
  • Blu-U light treatments have been shown to treat acne by destroying bacteria, thereby attacking the root causes of acne and significantly reducing blemishes. While some of these results are obvious shortly following the procedure, results are also proving to be enduring.
  • Multiple Blu-U Light treatments are usually required for best results in treatment of acne. Blu-U light treatments can be sold in packages for the best value to you.

Factors That Affect Your Acne Treatment

Although acne is primarily associated with teenagers, many adults struggle with acne as they age as well. The severity of your acne plays a role in determining the best treatment solution.

  • Mild to moderate acne responds well to a combination of three Levulan treatments spaced two weeks apart and 2-3 Blu-U light treatments per week between Levulan treatments.
  • Severe acne may take more rounds of therapy, including Acnutrol suppliments.
  • To increase the aggressiveness of the Levulan treatment, the product is allowed to incubate for a longer period of time. Levulan incubation times for mild acne are approximately 45 minutes, while the product may be incubated for 60 minutes to treat severe acne.
  • Microdermabrasion, Dermabladding, Chemical peels, and Retinol can soften rough skin and reduce the effects of scarring; if you have severe acne, microdermabrasion is not recommended until your skin is clearer.

Additional Treatment Options

We offer the physician only skin care line Skinceuticals that caters to problematic skin with aggressive exfoliates and cleansers balanced by light moisturizers and other skin rejuvenating products ideal for acneic skin. One of our trained master estheticians will personally analyze your skin and determine the best products for you.

  • Microdermabrasion – Acne treatment is aimed at the 3 causes of acne. Those causes are overactive sebaceous glands, plugging of those glands with keratin debris, and infection from the bacteria that subsequently form because of this plugging phenomenon. Microdermabrasion is aimed at the “unplugging” or exfoliation portion of attacking acne. This treatment modality, when done in a series of treatments can be extremely beneficial for acne prone skin. See the Skin Rejuvenation section for more specific information on microdermabrasion.
  • Clarisonic- Claisisonic MD Skin Care System is “sonic” science to clean your skin 7 times better than using a washcloth or hands,
  • The new “essential first step” in your skin care ritual, the Clarisonic’s stimulating sonic micro-massage gently clears pores, cleansing deeply for better absorption, making every other step of the beauty regimen work better.
  • Why use Clarisonic at home? Cleanses in a non-abrasive way; Deep cleansing without harsh chemicals; Gentle enough for use twice daily on all skin types; Removes impurities such as everyday grime and residual makeup; Skin care products are more evenly and effectively absorbed. Come see for yourself what the Clarisonic MD System has to offer. It’s amazing and our Staff loves it!

Three Major Benefits of Professional Acne Treatment

Although there is no cure for acne, effective treatments do exist. Acne treatment options include Levulan, Blu-U, and microdermabrasion—you can find out more about treating acne and acne scars in Orem, and Provo by calling Xage Medical Spa today.

  1. Comfort: Acne causes inflammation and infection of the skin’s oil glands, which can lead to significant discomfort associated with skin irritation. Acne treatment eliminates the pimples and, thus, the discomfort they cause to improve the quality of your daily life.
  2. Appearance: One of the most significant ways in which acne affects your life is the appearance of pimples and cysts on your skin. Seeking professional acne treatment to soothe breakouts and reduce the incidence of pimples will result in healthier, clearer skin that directly improves your self-confidence.
  3. Scarring: Even if you are careful not to pick or scratch at pimples, severe acne can still leave scars. Acne treatments can prevent the formation of scars by reducing breakouts; if you already have scars, we offer solutions to fit your life for that.