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ALMI TM is a revolutionary rejuvenation procedure using your own tissues to restore function, repair and regenerate damaged tissue, whether due to time, aging or injury, in an array of applications, such as:

•Sexual Enhancement

ALMI TM helps repair soft tissues, texture, tone, elasticity and volume. The all-natural procedure is a simple outpatient treatment that has minimal to no downtime.

ALMI TM is different than traditional injectables, as they do not offer the capability of tissue regeneration and repair. This minimally invasive procedure has a longer lasting effect without the worry of potential side effects. It is turning the industry upside down, as well as changing patient’s lives.

Patients are thrilled with the results, some of which are seen immediately, and which only improve with time. ALMI TM is the All Me = All Natural Rejuvenation Solution!


As we get older our body naturally breaks down tissues and the structure begins to diminish from wear and tear. Our blood supply diminishes, we begin to lose collagen and volume is depleted, and the structural support to the skin is lost. Hairs begin to thin and stop cycling, cartilage breaks down and pain settles in with reduced function. To restore the tissue back to a younger state, the blood supply, volume and structure must be enhanced. Using a combination of the body’s regenerative cells and adipose (fat) tissue, the ALMI TM Procedure offers complete rejuvenation and regeneration for natural results without going under the knife.

The ALMI TM Procedure is a nonsurgical treatment program that uses your own regenerative cells and adipose tissue to address issues related to aging at the points in your body you wish to rejuvenate. The procedure is easily performed in the physician’s treatment room, using small amounts of local anesthesia to perform a simple, minor liposuction to aspirate the adipose tissue. The tissue is then separated, and prepared for injection, in a very similar manner to receiving traditional injectables such as fillers. ALMI TM offers predictable outcomes in a non-complicated process. You and your physician will determine the areas you wish to treat, and the entire procedure is done in about an hour or so.

The ALMI TM procedure offers a complete rejuvenation with natural looking results as the entire procedure comes from YOU!