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Eyelash Extensions Provo

Eyelash extensions are among the hottest new beauty enhancement treatments available today. They make eyes look youthful, sensual and alluring.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are individual Synthetic, Silk, Mink, or Human hair lashes that are individually attached to your individual eyelashes, not to the skin. It is a time intensive and precision service that requires gentle care to extend the time the lashes stay looking natural and in good condition. The eyelashes are virtually weightless and are available in different lengths and in black, brown, and even other colors.

How long do the eyelashes last?

The lashes will stay on for the life of the lash it has been applied to. We lose at least one eyelash a day but new ones grow in at the same rate. With proper maintenance eyelash extensions can last over a month with gradual thinning throughout. Factors such as your own personal eyelash growth cycle, lifestyle, and general car will affect how long the lashes last. Once the lashes are attached you should not rub or pull on them or try to remove them yourself.

Do the extensions damage the natural lash?

No, the lash adhesive is formulated to create a polypeptide bond, specifically for human lashes. The adhesive allows the lashes to stay flexible like your own lashes so they will stay comfortable while not damaging your natural lashes. If you do not pull on, rub or try to remove the extensions on your own it will not cause the natural lash to fall our prematurely.

Can I wear mascara with my extensions?

The extensions naturally thicken and darken your lashes making mascara unnecessary You should not wear mascara or use eyelash curlers but you shouldn’t need to until it’s time for another fill. Mascara and mascara removers can weaken the adhesive bond and can also twist the extensions and make them fall out prematurely.

Can the extensions be removed?

Yes by a professional. They have a product that will weaken the adhesive bond enabling the removal of the extension without damage to the natural lash. Your technician will not be held responsible for any damage that you may cause by trying to remove the eyelash extensions on your own.

Before your appointment

Remove all eye makeup and make sure your lashes are clean of mascara and oily makeup removers. If you come to the appointment and your technician has to remove mascara and makeup for you this takes up some of the time you pay for that is supposed to be used to apply extensions. If you wear contact lenses you need to remove them for the application, also your eyes may be irritated immediately after the procedure and you may not be able to wear the lenses home.

After care

The first 48 hours after the application are the most important. Extreme care must be taken not to rub your eyes or pull at the lashes. You must not use any creams, eye makeup removers, lotions or cleansers containing oils that can loosen the adhesive bond. Do not swim and in the shower avoid direct water spray on your extensions for the first 48 hours.