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Vein Treatments Provo

Spider Vein Removal and Sclerotherapy are commonly requested Vein therapy procedures at Xage Medical Spa. Unsightly vericose and spider veins can appear on the legs, face, and almost anywhere else but not needed for normal vascular system function. Advanced technologies and procedures enable us to safely and effectively rid our patients of these uninvited sources of embarrassment with no “down time.” The best type of treatment or combination of treatments will be determined during a private consultation where all veins can be examined, estimates about the number of treatments and price, possible side effects, and all your concerns about laser spider vein removal and sclerotherapy will be addressed.

Patients are continually surprised at the ease and gentleness of the treatment and the excellent outcomes and minimal post care of the Laser vein removal procedure. Laser vein removal therapy works by passing light through the skin and heating up the blood in the vessel causing thermocoagulation and the collapse of the vein. The damaged and unused vessel is then absorbed by the body over a period of time. The number of treatments necessary, treatment time, and the time it takes for the body to completely absorb the vessel varies according to the size of the vessel and the individuals body.


Sclerotherapy is the most commonly used treatment for larger spider and varicose veins because of its almost immediate and excellent results. With Sclerotherapy a solution is injected with tiny needles into the problem vein causing the inflammation and collapse of the vein. The body then breaks down and absorbs the vein over time eliminating any trace of the vein. Sclerotherapy has come a long way from the old method of using often ineffective saline solutions. New and more effective solutions and small needles provide little discomfort, no “down time” following the sclerotherapy procedure, and significant results.